BidAsk Master – Powerful tool for binary options and forex based on real volumes!

The indicator is based on real accurate volumes

High accuracy of signals on different timeframes

The indicator can
be used for auto-trading

The parameters of the indicator are flexibly configured

About the indicator

Good afternoon, dear traders!

We are pleased to introduce you to our newest development Bid x Ask Master.

Let's briefly imagine what is the uniqueness of this indicator.

Many of you use or have heard of cluster price analysis - analysis based on real volumes “under the microscope”.

One of the functions of the cluster chart is to display the buyer-seller ratio (Bid x Ask) at each price level.

Our team, as well as many other traders, have discovered that a significant overweight of one of these indicators can indicate the next price reversal. This can be a very strong signal.

More about the indicator

On the screenshots, the sellers are shown on the left, the buyers on the right::

We can observe that if there is a significant advantage on the right, the price turns up and vice versa.

A survey was conducted, and according to the results, it turned out that the automation of this pattern is of interest to many. We put in a lot of effort to develop an indicator for the Metatrader terminal.

And we are delighted to present you a unique Bid x Ask Master indicator!

Indicator features

The Bid X Ask Master indicator analyzes a vast quantity of information, identifies abnormally large values on its own and determines if one of the parties has a substantial predominance in them. A signal filtering algorithm was thought out in order to select the most effective entry points.

Notice how well this pattern works. Simultaneously, the stronger the preponderance not only at a specific level, but on the candle as a whole, the better.


The indicator is also useful since it eliminates the need to keep a cluster chart nearby at all times.

*Where there are square brackets - this is the body of the candle, where there are none - a shadow.

The indicator greatly simplifies trading.


By purchasing this indicator, you receive a month's premium access to the ClusterDelta service for FREE!

The service is a supplier of real volumes to the metatrader terminal and is required for my indicator to function.

Any of my author's indicators to choose from are available for 3 months (for example, also automates one well-known pattern).

You need the Bid x Ask Master indicator for several reasons:

The indicator takes care of all the work of finding a very accurate pattern

Can be used for auto trading and
manual trading

The indicator is used on
different timeframes

A double or triple signal on the same candle increases the probability of profit

You do not need to look at the cluster chart, when you hover over the candle, everything is shown in the window

With the indicator, a detailed trading
manual is issued

The work plan is simple


Setting the


the manual


Receiving fully
automatic signals


Making a profit on
both BO and FOREX

Bid x Ask Master is not another switchman, of which there are thousands.
This is an indicator with well-thought-out logic and a time-tested trading pattern. Watch the video about the indicator:

Indicator cost

Only in the next two weeks, in connection with the start of sales, a discount for the first buyers of 40%!

And only with the promo code «Biforex» or «Special»!

The old price is 4600 rubles, the new one is – 2800 (40$)

Hurry up to pick up your copy!

IMPORTANT point: Only 70-100 copies will be sold to the entire Internet.

If you cannot pay, text me on Telegram.

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Channel about the indicator

Go to the channel about the indicator to find out how the author trades on it.

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Question & Answer

Answers to frequently asked questions.

The indicator works on 8 currency pairs: eurusd, usdcad, gbpusd, usdjpy, usdchf, audusd, nzdusd and gold.

Along with the indicator, a spacer is issued, the buffers of which can be used for autotrading. The proof is in the video on the website. You will also receive an Expert Advisor in the source code for autotrading on Forex.

Finding out the win rate from this indicator is the same as knowing the win rate of an indicator that builds levels. We understand that in this case the win rate depends on the trader himself, how he will use this tool.

So in this case, the indicator is based on a pattern that was voted "Yes" by 300 people in one popular group. That is, this pattern is very popular. The indicator only automates the work on it. The indicator has a lot of flexible settings, thanks to which you can customize the indicator completely for yourself. It also provides detailed, easy-to-follow instructions on how to trade this pattern.

The indicator is tied to an account, you can run it on two accounts by entering the account number here. Creating an account with RoboForex is recommended.

The indicator works with the help of a ClusterDelta (service provider of real volumes). The service requires a subscription of $7/month. You will receive the first month for free, at my expense. How to work with ClusterDelta? Video instruction will be available after purchase, everything is simple.

Click "Get indicator" below, enter the Biforex or BIFOREX promo code and get a discount.

It varies depending on how you set it up. There are days when there is little, and days when there are many. But overall, average. Enough for profitable trading.